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Bonus 1 - Google Search PPC Ninja Secrets

When most marketers think of Google, they think Google Display Network or Youtube. Both of those are fine traffic sources, but Google search gets overlooked.

That's great news for us.

I'm a little unusual in that my biggest numbers on Google have come from search. I've been able to scale search to over $100k/day.

I have seen no one (except people I've taught) use search the way I do.

One downside to search is that you and all your competition are on the page competing for the click. With my method there is little to no competition.

This is exclusive content not available ANYWHERE else. It's well worth the price of the mentorship by ieslef.

Bonus 2 - The 2 Principles I Used To Go From -$100/day to $5k/day and then $5k - $50k/day

I told the story before about how my first mentor, an affiliate manager, showed me how to got from $100 - $5k/day in a month. He actually went into my account and set up a campaign. when I saw it I immediately knew what I was doing wrong.

That one principle he showed me allowed me to quite my job and make about $1M/year for my first 2 years full time.

Then, 2 years in I had sort of an epiphany based on various things I had been testing and some information I learned at a seminar. I put it all together and BOOM. 10X-ed my daily earnings in less than 2 weeks.

That principle changed my life and income greatly.

These aren't short term tactics that only work for a while. These are universal principles that have stood the test of time and I (and a small group of clients) are still using them to this day.

Again, this is super exclusive training not available ANYWHERE else.

Bonus 3 - How to Double or Triple Your PPC traffic Instantly

Another Google search strategy that has allowed me to CRUSH on this traffic source. Especially since most marketers are fighting with Facebook, you can avoid the pack on Google search and spend more easily without getting banned every 5 minutes.

This is a trick so to speak, that I started using in 2009. Amazingly, it works just as well now as it did then. It's a loophole that I guess Google doesn't care about.

Again, this is something no one else is doing or teaching unless they learned it from me. I stumbled upon it doing keyword research and it has been crucial for me in doing large numbers.

Bonus 4 - Ads Domination

Ads Domination combines 2 recent workshops we did ($5k and $1k) and some additional content. It takes you from A - Z on running Facebook ads, and how to scale once you're profitable.

It's the only course of it's kind on the market and you can get it for free when you join the 7 Figure Mentorship Club.





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